Our dried or canned mushrooms will not disappoint. We can acquire almost any type of dried mushroom available. Just ask. Our most popular mushrooms, including dried morel mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and straw mushrooms, are in stock and ready to be delivered or shipped. Our Special varieties packed, in many different ways, are available in a few short days of ordering. Whether you need them in powder form, like porcini powdered mushrooms, or chopped or julienne, we can be your final source for any dried mushroom needs that may arise. Call to find out more about the following products:

    Shiitake mushrooms – dried or canned
    Morel mushrooms – dried, canned or powdered
    Wild mushrooms – dried
    Chanterelle mushrooms – dried
    Oyster mushrooms – dried
    Porcini mushroom – both dried and powdered