Bacon Bacon Pizza

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Dogtown Pizza
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Some words about Bacon Bacon from Dogtown Pizza themselves:

Literally, we had so many people tell us they wanted more Bacon. So we just developed our newest variety, Bacon Bacon, and it has people all over St. Louis clamoring for a new way to get their “bacon-fix.”

So it’s here and in stores now, no excuses!

Bacon Bacon gets it’s name by comparing the amount of bacon we put our pizza to what our competitors put on theirs. We tried to name it “There’s a Serious Amount of Bacon on This Bacon Pizza,” But we couldn’t fit it on the label. So we just got more to the point.

You’re not going to find teensy, tiny, bacon bits on this pizza. We hand-tear bacon (that we cook ourselves in the kitchen) into large recognizable chunks and then pile ’em on.

Git yourself a stack of this extraordinarily delicious pizza.