Cheese Pizza

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Dogtown Pizza
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The basis of all our varieties, The Dogtown pizza Cheese variety is a true St. Louis classic. Starting off with our All-Natural crust, made daily by St Louis’ own Vitales Bakery on The Hill, we spread a generous amount of our own prepared pizza sauce. Our Pizza sauce is simple and home-made. Never too thick or too thin, our seasoned-to-perfection pizza sauce holds our blended cheese with pride. Our 3-Cheese blend is then piled evenly on the sauce. We finish with fresh, grated Romano cheese and a dash of oregano.
Creamy, Not Stringy Cheese

Our proprietary 3 cheese blend delivers the tanginess of St. Louis’ own cheese blend and the stability of classic mozzarella. This classic cheese pizza is great for all who cherish the simplicity of classic St. Louis style pizza. We also love that many Dogtown pizza fans use this variety as the basis for their own creations. Top it with shrimp, or maybe pineapple and Ham, the options are endless!