DeCecco Spinach Linguine Pasta

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Just like all DeCecco pastas, even the spinach specialties are made with the best durum wheat. The spinach is not just any spinach, blanched and frozen right after it has been picked, just like the ones that expert cooks choose at the market. Only the best spinach can become a DeCecco ingredient for spinach linguine. Linguine comes from Liguria and became part of the local culinary tradition. They have a long flat shape and are 0.057″ long and between 0.062″ and 0.082″ thick. Given their origin Linguine is best matched with oil and herb-based sauces, excellent with pesto. Other perfect matches are fish-based sauces with shell fish and seafood, and with white sauces made of cream, mascarpone, soft cheeses, adding spices like saffron, radish, curry and ginger.