Deluxe Pizza

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Dogtown Pizza
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The combination created by, loved and eaten by Owner Rick Schaper. Thin crust with a bit of extra homemade pizza sauce and loaded with St Louis’ own tangy cheese blend and Mozzarella cheese. We start the toppings with a huge amount of fresh pinched sausage made on The Hill. We follow that with mushrooms and fresh diced sweet yellow onion. Saved best for last, is tons of crispy cooked bacon crumbled on top. We cover this with a thin layer of Grated Romano cheese and a pinch of oregano for taste.
The “Everyone” Pizza

This variety satisfies both the meat and vegetable lovers in a way that screams aroma and flavor. With this being the heaviest of our 10 pizza combinations, it’s certain to please your palate, fulfill your appetite and satisfy your hunger all at once.