Hot Wing Pizza

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Dogtown Pizza
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With the explosion of Hot Wing lovers across the world and millions of pizzas lovers, Dogtown Pizza took the opportunity to unite these 2 classics into one product. What results is a St. Louis Homerun for pizza and wing lovers alike!

We use our St Louis demanded thin crust and spread on our secret hot wing sauce. Then we add a heaping amount of St Louis’ own tangy cheese blend and mozzarella. Next we use our fresh-grilled chicken breast and load up the entire pizza ’til it’s full. Topped with our fresh grated Romano cheese and oregano, this bakes up to create a pizza sure to please the spicy palate that wing lovers and pizzas lovers have come to expect!
The Great Appetizer Pizza.

If you would like to be the hit of your next party…bake up a few and serve these and you’ll smile when you see the looks of amazement on the faces of your friends and family!