Marcoot Jersey Creamery Tomme Cheese

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Marcoot Tomme Cheese is a farmstead, raw-milk cheese made in the style of French Tomme cheeses, with an added parmesan-like finish. This raw-milk cheese is aged in the Marcoot Family’s aging cave which is modeled after the man-made cheese caves in Switzerland.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery, situated on the Marcoot Farm in Greenville, Illinois, uses only Registered Jersey cows who are grass fed on the family’s pastures. The 65 milking cows are allowed to pasture on the paddocks of a variety of grasses so that they receive all the abundant natural nutrition the land has to offer. The cattle are hormone free, and homeopathic remedies are the family’s first line of defense when necessary. All cheeses are made with vegetable rennet making them suitable for vegetarian diets.