New Day Gluten Free

In stock

New Day Gluten Free is a cafe and bakery in Clayton. They offer an array of products from breads to desserts, all gluten free! Fox River Dairy now delivers the following products with a three day lead time.

Sandwich loaves
French baguettes
Bread bowls
Hamburger buns
Bread sticks
Dinner rolls
Pizza crusts
Chocolate chip cookies
DF Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Crinkle cookies
Gooey Butter cookies
White Chocolate Cranberry cookies
Chocolate Chip Dough balls
DF Dough balls
Chocolate Chip muffins
Blueberry muffins
Lemon Poppy muffins
Carrot muffins
Banana Chocolate Chip loaves
Lemon Poppy loaves
Pumpkin loaves
Corn Bread loaves
Brownie 8×8
Brookie 8×8
Vanilla cupcake
Chocolate cupcake
Red Velvet cupcake
Carrot cupcake
Chocolate shortcake
Vanilla shortcake
Gooey Butter cake 8×8
Mac & Cheese 1lb
Lasagna Marinara 1lb
Pasta con Broccoli 1lb
Breadcrumbs 8oz
Croutons 6oz
Pancake mix

Call the office to place your orders and for more information.