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Dogtown Pizza
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The #1 favorite variety, Dogtown Pepperoni Pizza is loved by all kids and adults alike. We start with our All-Natural crust fresh from the hill. Our homemade sauce is spread generously all the way to the edge awaiting the heaping amounts of St Louis’ own tangy cheese blend. St. Louisans demand this cheese and Dogtown pizza kicks it up a notch with a toss of fresh mozzarella to balance the tanginess.

Where’s the Meat?

While other pizza company’s machinery deposit up to 10 pieces of pepperoni, Dogtown pizza makers hand-place over 30 pieces of pepperoni on every pizza so you can enjoy the spicy topping in every bite. We toss grated Romano and a pinch of oregano to finish it off.

Hand-making every pizza, and using only the best and freshest ingredients ensures you that your family is getting the best pizza every time. So keep a stack of Dogtown Pepperoni Pizzas in your freezer for those quick meals you know your family will love.