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Intense flavor is what sausage-lovers seek when choosing their favorite topping. So Dogtown Pizza visited many local sausage makers on The Hill. Every Italian family uses old-world recipes handed down from generation-to-generation. We knew getting our sausage fresh daily from local families would be the right thing to do while satisfying the taste that our customers demanded.

We start with our fresh-baked crust, load it edge-to-edge with our all-natural pizza sauce and cover it with our signature cheese blend. Each piece of fresh sausage is hand-pinched and placed generously ’til the entire pizza is filled. Finished with a thin layer of grated Romano cheese and oregano.

Once in the oven, the aroma of the sauce, cheese and sausage cooking together is unmistakable. Enjoy eating our fresh Sausage pizza, from our family’s table to yours.
What’s in a Name?

All sausage is not all the same…far from it! There is plain pork sausage then there is Salsiccia, which is Italian Sausage. The difference is the use of fennel and freshly cracked black pepper in Salsiccia.