Veggie Pizza

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This is a vegetarian delight and also for the health conscious. As with all our pizzas, our crusts, cheese and sauce are all-natural and preservative-free. We never use HFCS or MSG in any variety of our Dogtown Naturals line.

Starting with our thin and crispy St Louis style crust, we spread on our homemade pizza sauce and cover that with St Louis’ own tangy cheese and mozzarella blend. After hand-slicing and dicing, we load this variety with fresh mushrooms, julienned green bell peppers topped with beautiful, mouth-watering red onions.

A Healthy Dose of Flavor

The combination of earthy mushrooms, sweet red onion, crunchy bell peppers over our tangy sauce and creamy cheese pleases the taste buds and satisfies all Veggie Pizza lovers.
We’re also serving up peace-of-mind knowing you are baking a nutritious meal to your family.